Selected Works


Essays & Features

“When Frank Lloyd Wright Designed a Bookstore”
The Paris Review

“A Literary Guide to Chicago”
Poets & Writers

“A Peak at Gwendolyn Brooks’s Chicago, Then and Now”
Chicago magazine

“Five Reasons Why Writers Should Move to Chicago”
Literary Hub

“Is Chicago the Poetry Capital of America?”
Chicago magazine


Certain American States by Catherine Lacey
Chicago Tribune

The Line That Held Us by David Joy
Los Angeles Times

Empty Set by Verónica Gerber Bicecci
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Overstory by Richard Powers
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The World Goes On by László Krasznahorkai
Minneapolis Star-Tribune


“Meet the Future of Chicago’s Poetry Scene”
Chicago magazine

“The Next Generation of Chicago Afrofuturism”
Chicago magazine

“Nnedi Okorafor, the Dream Weaver”
Chicago magazine


“Geeking Out with Marlon James”

“Jesse Ball Thinks About Death As Often As Possible”
Chicago magazine

“John Darnielle Is Going to Upset You”
Electric Literature

“Meet Chicago’s First National Youth Poet Laureate”
Chicago magazine


“Adam Morgan on Penelope Fitzgerald, Eve Ewing, and Chicago Critics”
Literary Hub

“Five Books That Changed My Life: Adam Morgan”
Inside Hook

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