Read this book: THE BLACK HOUR by Lori-Rader Day

9781616148850_p0_v1_s260x420THE BLACK HOUR by Lori Rader-Day hits shelves and e-readers today, July 8th. You can buy it here. She also has a gorgeous website over here.

Lori is a friend of mine from graduate school in Chicago, so I had the pleasure of reading her debut novel from Seventh Street Books several months ago. I read it in one sitting. It’s that good.

Over at Bookpage, I called it “a perfect thriller for the summer.” It combines three of my favorite things: Chicago, academia, and mystery.

THE BLACK HOUR is a mystery set in modern-day Chicago, on the lakeshore campus of a distinguished university with more than a few dark secrets. The world needs more Chicago-based fiction, and THE BLACK HOUR, is a welcome addition to the city’s canon alongside Michael Harvey, Jim Butcher, and Veronica Roth. Except this novel is better than any of theirs, because it goes beyond the genre’s cliches and archetypes, and really showcases Chicagoland instead of relegating it to background scenery.

The dialogue crackles like Mamet’s. The characters are fascinating and true-to-life. The minimalist prose flows like a well-honed screenplay. And the mystery…THE MYSTERY. It’s a killer.

It’s a perfect thriller to cuddle up with this summer, preferably at night, in the quiet of your own home. Just don’t expect to get much sleep.

Lori will be appearing at a variety of events throughout the Midwest this summer, so stop by and get her to sign that beautiful softcover.


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