‘Appalachian Gothic’ Wins Charlotte Film Festival

Appalachian Gothic Best Screenplay

My script for APPALACHIAN GOTHIC won Best Screenplay last night at the University of North Carolina Charlotte Gold Reel Film Festival.

A group of local actors (pictured below) performed the script during the three-hour festival that featured short films, documentaries, experimental films, and other screenplays by filmmakers and writers from all over the state of North Carolina.

APPALACHIAN GOTHIC was adapted from one of my short stories, A CREATURE SO LOVELY, about a homesteader’s last encounter with nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The story relies quite a bit on the main character’s inner thoughts, so it was challenging to reduce the narrative down to pure imagery and dialogue.

UNC Charlotte Film Festival

There were some great films on display at the festival, particularly FILIUS by Rolando Gil; CONSUMPTION by Derek Donovan; 3101, a short documentary by Sara Karimipour; and VIRGINIA, 1877, an experimental film by Andrew Huggins.

A huge thanks to the festival, the judges, and the actors.

Appalachian Gothic Award



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