Charlotte Film Festival picks “Appalachian Gothic”


Update: the script discussed in this post went on to win the festival.

The University of North Carolina Charlotte Film Festival has chosen my screenplay, APPALACHIAN GOTHIC, as one of three finalists in its Gold Reel competition. Actors will perform the script on Tuesday, April 29th at 6pm in Charlotte’s McKnight Hall, before the awards ceremony.

No word yet on who’s playing the deer. I’m pushing for Gary Oldman but we’ll see what happens.

APPALACHIAN GOTHIC is actually an adaptation of one of my short stories, A CREATURE SO LOVELY, about a homesteader’s last encounter with nature in the mountains of North Carolina.

Adapting a short story for film is an interesting endeavor, and one I’d never attempted before. As a visual medium, film doesn’t allow for interiors the same way fiction does (barring voice-over narration, which always feels like cheating). In screenplays, character can only be revealed through action and dialogue. APPALACHIAN GOTHIC is very image-driven and contains very little dialogue, so it’ll be interesting to see how the festival performs it.


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