I will read your script and give you notes


Have you written a script (or treatment) for a feature film or TV pilot, but haven’t had any luck drawing interest from agents, networks, or production companies?

Do you have a great concept, but aren’t sure how to execute it yet?

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be acting as a script consultant for anyone willing to donate to Cyan Worlds’ Kickstarter campaign for Obduction.

That’s right, you don’t have to pay me a dime, you just have to donate. Cyan’s classic Myst franchise inspired me to become a writer as a child, so this is my way of paying it forward.

My Expertise
I’m an award-winning screenwriter with the following experience/accolades: a TV series in development at Fox, a grand prize-winning script at the New York Television Festival, one of The Guardian’s Top Ten TV Pitches of 2013, pitch meetings with Creative Arts Agency and major network executives, a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction and Screenwriting, and the mentorship of Owen Egerton, the novelist and screenwriter responsible for EVERYONE SAYS THAT AT THE END OF THE WORLD and Bill Hader’s upcoming film HENCHMEN.

So, here’s the deal (Update 10/30/2013: Due to a mass influx of responses, I’ve had to up the donation amounts a little bit for future takers. Apologies!)

$45 Donation: I will read your screenplay/script/treatment and give you five (5) pages of notes on plot, structure, character, dialogue, etc.

$75 Donation: In addition to the above, I will give you two (2) pages of personalized notes on how to pitch your screenplay/script and query agents with it for representation.

$5,000 Donation: I will write an entire screenplay for you and you can put your name on it. Seriously. (Disclaimer: I am not serious about this one).

Interested parties need only to email me (earthmorgan at gmail dot com) and donate (or for current backers, increase your donation by) one of the above-mentioned amounts (or more) to Cyan Worlds’ Kickstarter campaign for Obduction.


4 thoughts on “I will read your script and give you notes

  1. Well that is an offer I would like to take up.
    I’m a filmmaker out in LA. Myst was a great inspiration for me growing up. In fact some of the creators went to my church in Spokane. Anyways, I have a couple screenplays but they are not complete. I’m in the middle of shooting a feature for the next couple weeks so Is it possible I could get a rain check? Or do you have a strict deadline?

    Also, should I have my script registered with the WGA before sending it to you?
    I donated $25

    Thank you


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