“FLIGHT” named one of The Guardian’s “10 Most Promising TV Pitches”

An artist's rendition of my TV series, FLIGHT.
An artist’s rendition of “FLIGHT.” (Chloe Cushman via The Guardian)

My pitch for Flight–a half-hour comedy series–has been named one of The Guardian‘s Top 10 Most Promising TV Pitches.

I wrote the script for Flight during my MFA at Roosevelt University under the mentorship of Owen Egerton, a novelist and screenwriter for Disney, Fox, and WB.

Like the award-winning script for Liberal Arts, Flight draws upon my own experiences, but exaggerates and extrapolates them into the airline industry, as a small-town girl leaves the South behind to become a flight attendant.

In addition to traditional research, a lot of the inspiration for Flight came from real-life flight attendants I spoke to during trips between Chicago and North Carolina. In fact, the initial idea for the series came to me on the flight to New York in 2009 for the New York Television Festival, where my script for Liberal Arts took top prize.

Granted, the panel of judges for The Guardian–including Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls–had quite a few critiques for Flight‘s pitch. The contest required for the pitch to be condensed into 100 words or less, and in the end, I focused too much on the pilot script’s plot and not enough on the series and characters as a whole. See the article in The Guardian for more details on the potential series.


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