Wanderers of the Week: Bouey and Shoppman

There are road trips, and then there are road trips. These guys literally drove around the world.

In Toyotas.
They started in Denver. Shoppman was a designer, Bouey was a public administrator. They didn’t have money, but they had an idea.
“Why don’t we circumnavigate the globe?”
Sometimes, they even had to build their own roads. The most inspiring thing about these guys is that they aren’t part of some corporate initiative or funded by a television network or magazine. They’re just two ordinary guys who had an idea, and followed through.
In Toyotas. I can’t stress that enough.
Six continents, sixty-nine countries, and 70,000 miles later, they’re editing a documentary and touring the world (again), promoting humanitarian and environmental causes. Because they didn’t travel the world to sightsee. They traveled to help people, and to change the way we view the rest of humanity.
According to their interview with National Geographic Adventure, they want to prove that the world isn’t nearly as dangerous as we think.
Check out their website The World by Road to see photos, video, and the labyrinthine route they took. And here’s a short highlight video to make you even more jealous.
They drink cobra blood.

Image and video from The World by Road.


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