You Should Watch This: Lost Cities of the Amazon

Remember that book I just recommended?

In the race to bring the story alive, National Geographic beat Brad Pitt to the punch.
This stellar episode of Explorer spotlights the very same real-life people from David Grann’s book, including the man who may have found the real City of Z, archaeologist Michael Heckenberger. The charismatic Kuikuro chief Afukaka makes several appearances too.
Historical reenactments of Francisco de Orellana and Percy Fawcett‘s expeditions are combined with modern-day proof of an advanced Amazonian civilization just beyond their grasp.
Why didn’t Fawcett see it? He was looking for stone cities, but civilizations build with what they have, and there’s not much stone in the Amazon. Plus, most of the indigenous population had already been wiped out by European disease.
The great cities of the past were gone before he set foot in the jungle, and he didn’t have the eyes to see their stoneless ruins. But modern archaeologists do.
Fans of The Lost City of Z will get a much closer, visceral look at the Kuikuro’s ancient roads, walls, and architecture. Anyone who may have doubted Grann’s claims on the page will be hard-pressed to argue with Heckenberger’s evidence on-screen.
Z is real.

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