Recent Wanderings in Chicago

First week of May? Dubious. Wet, gloomy days instantaneously transformed into Eden for a few hours every afternoon. In fact…that’s exactly what’s happening outside my window as I write this post.

During one of those breaks, I drove down to the South Side’s criminally unappreciated Jackson Park. As always, click to make ’em bigger.

The most peaceful place in Chicago: Osaka Garden, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the genius who gave us New York’s Central Park and Asheville’s Biltmore Estate grounds.

The only remaining building from 1893’s World’s Fair. A compelling place to visit after reading The Devil in the White City. Formerly the Palace of Fine Arts, today it houses the Museum of Science and Industry.

Statuary at the Museum of Science and Industry.
I’m no good with Japanese flora. Let’s call them Pretty White Thingies.

A replica of the Statue of the Republic, which stood three times as tall in 1893, overlooking the White City:

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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