Wanderer of the Week: Samantha Larson

If you ever get too cocky, I want you to google Samantha Larson.
She’s a 21 year-old sophomore at Stanford Univeristy. And she’s climbed all Seven Summits (including Mount Everest when she was 18), making her the youngest person to ever reach the highest point on all seven continents.
Emasculated yet?
This girl will probably visit all eight planets by the time she’s thirty. Pluto and Eris by thirty-two. Why don’t we compare Samantha’s accomplishments with my own?
Samantha Age 12: Summited Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa)
Adam Age 12: Started shaving

Samantha Age 13: Summited Mount Aconcagua (South America)
Adam Age 13: Won school spelling bee on the word “brassiere”

Samantha Age 14: Summited Mount Elbrus (Europe)
Adam Age 14: Nothing, really

Samantha Age 15: Summited Mount Kosciuszko (Australia)
Adam Age 15: Wrote seven pages of a novel and forgot about it

Samantha Age 16: Summited Mount Vinson (Antarctica)
Adam Age 16: Learned how to play Hotel California on a Spanish guitar

Samantha Age 18: Summited Mount Everest (Asia)
Adam Age 18: Played a lot of tennis
Okay, I’m kidding. Obviously I did a lot more than that. But still. Samantha’s passion for climbing should really make us stop and think, “What have I done lately?” Head over to her Everest Blog or her website for more inspiration/shame.
Photo from Samantha’s website.

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