Must-Watch TV In 2010

People of Earth,
You are likely suffering from a lack of Adam. I’ve been completely absente from the noosphere.
But put your tissues away, because I’m back with renewed focus. To open 2010, I give you the TV shows you can’t afford to miss this season. Enjoy!

White Collar
Hands down the best thing on television right now. A slick young con-man helps the FBI solve high-stakes crimes. It films on-location in Manhattan, which is refreshing in an age where everything else shoots in studio lots in LA and Vancouver. The characters are believable, likeable, and infinitely watchable.

Modern Family
I thought it looked like a typical throw-away sitcom, but ABC’s surprise hit is the best comedy on TV. Sure, it unceremoniously steals the mockumentary style of The Office (who in turn stole it from Christopher Guest), but I challenge you to watch an episode without laughing–heartily– several times. Even more surprising? It’s wholesome.

Better Off Ted
Andrea Anders is reason enough to watch this criminally under-appreciated show. I don’t know how it got renewed for a second season, which is likely its last, but it’s a quirky, geeky, pithy, feel-good, character-driven comedy, which is hard to find.

Parks and Recreation
Greg Daniels has a pattern. First seasons are a wreck (see The Office), but come sophomore year, warm up your TiVo. Parks is the best thing on NBC, and I never make it through an episode without laughing out loud.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Who needs The Tonight Show drama? And Letterman’s fun, but Craig Ferguson is the best late-night entertainment on the air.
Almost cancelled last season after poor ratings, Chuck is downright fun. A charming spy comedy that makes Los Angeles look habitable? You’ll have to see it to believe it.
The pilot episode rocked. The following three outings were less suspenseful, and failed to provide much momentum heading into a long winter hiatus. But Elizabeth Mitchell and Monica Baccarin are scene-stealers, and I’m dying to find out what these aliens are really after.

Hyped as the next Lost, this mythology-driven action/mystery has grown more and more intriguing every week. There are some tangible weaknesses (dialogue, pacing, character development), but the suspense is compelling enough to keep you coming back for more.
It’s predictable and highly episodic, true, but this network underdog has really grown on me. If nothing else, tune in for Troy and Abed. I’m just thankful it’s so different from my own college-centered pilot.
Notably absent from my list? Fringe, which has completely lost its way. More on why, later.

6 thoughts on “Must-Watch TV In 2010

  1. Thanks, Heather! Fringe post later today.And Joel, I completely agree with you, but I left FNL off my list for the same reason I omitted Lost. Accessibility! You need three-to-five seasons worth of DVDs to catch up on both.


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