Batman Does Have A Superpower

Say what you will about Batman being the only superhero without tangible powers, but fans have definitely overlooked something.
Judging from the Chris Nolan franchise, Batman has the uncanny ability to inadvertantly wind up in architecturally advantageous locations when fighting crime.
Here’s the challenge: name an action sequence in Batman Begins or The Dark Knight where the architecture in Batman’s immediate vicinity doesn’t play a key role in his success.
  • In Batman Begins, you’ve got the remote temple of Ra’s Al Ghul, which Batman destroys and escapes from thanks to a convenient nearby poker and copious amounts of flammable thatch, wood, and explosives.
  • He stops Falconi’s drug shipment and later rescues Rachel from the Scarecrow thanks to some extremely high, poorly-lit ceilings with giant rafters.
  • He gets away from a veritable horde of police by gliding down an extremely wide spiral staircase (pictured above).
  • In The Dark Knight, he kicks things off by dropping down a perfectly placed atrium in a parking garage.
  • Later, his Tokyo target happens to be staying in a glass-walled building.
  • When the Batmobile breaks down on Lower Wacker Drive, he’s able to drive the Batpod through some generously wide doors and through the Chicago pedway system to catch up with the Joker.
  • He stops the Joker’s 18-Wheeler using a few well-placed streetlamps on LaSalle Street.
  • He neutralizes a SWAT team and Joker’s thugs thanks to an under-construction skyscraper with exposed support beams and no windows.
My question. What would happen if Batman tried to stop a crime in, say, your neighborhood bank? If it wasn’t under construction or built around an ever-reliable atrium, would he have to go through the revolving doors like everyone else? If it was on the eigth floor, would he have to take the elevator?

Disclaimer: despite the sarcasm, I’m a huge fan of every film Nolan has ever made.


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