Two Recommendations

Recommendation #1
I interviewed webcomic pioneer Joey Comeau a while back for Bookslut (it should be published soon, fingers crossed) and he introduced me to a hilarious series by Chicago artist/writer John Campbell called Pictures For Sad Children. Do yourself a favor and go read some of these. Think magical realism meets dark comic-strip humor.

Recommendation #2
Not usually a piano-rock kind of guy (Ben Folds never did it for me), but Nashville’s Gabe Dixon Band is a nice summer listen. Ignore the ads for The Proposal – they’re a real band. Try “Find My Way,” “Till You’re Gone,” and “Disappear.”

2 thoughts on “Two Recommendations

  1. Sure! I typed up my thoughts on the finale, but never got around to organizing and posting them. Will do.I'm also working on an article called "3 Reasons Why I'm Worried About Lost's Final Season".


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