Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Were it not for you, I never would have seen the Grand Canyon covered in snow. Or stumbled upon a doe in the Cascades. Felt the rumble of a shutte launch in my chest at Cape Canaveral. Climbed the Temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, or explored the Anasazi ruins at Wupatki. And I never would have gained an apprecation for the night sky or its endless narrative possibilities, which is what initially led me to love stories, be they ancient myths or Arthur C. Clarke.

Thanks for making life an adventure, Dad, and for being the perfect role model for a budding boy. Love you!
Also, congrats on winning the bid to host the 2011 SEPA Conference! In the world of astronomy, that’s like hosting the Olympics!

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

  1. Thanks for the Father's Day post, buddy. It means a lot to me. The memories of our visits to those places you mention are very special to me also. Please know that I am *so* proud of you, always.Love you too!–Dad


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