Puerto Rico Recap

Day 1
Woke at 4am in Chicago, met the family in Atlanta around noon, survived a flight through the Bermuda Triangle, made it to Condado with just enough energy left to crawl into bed.

Day 2
Breakfast at a French cafe, explored the Old World streets and Spanish forts of San Juan.
Day 3
Drove east into the rainforest, climbed through cloud forests to the 3500-foot summit of El Yunque with Alex (in a torrential downpour), where we found an abandoned Dharma station and a castle. No, really.
Day 4
Drove to the southern coast to explore Ponce.
Day 5
Drove west into karst country, visited the breathtaking Arecibo Observatory (featured in so many sci-fi novels/films), headed into the mountains to see Taino ruins and petroglyphs, and night-kayaked through a mangrove to a bioluminescent lagoon. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.
Day 6
Rose early to see Old San Juan one last time before the flight back. Adam 2, Bermuda Triangle 0.
Visit my Flickrstream for tons of photos. It was a blast, albeit exhausting, as we aren’t the sit-by-the-beach type!


One thought on “Puerto Rico Recap

  1. Very jealous of your trip. Looks like a ton of fun.Once my kids get a little older, we're hoping for a family vacation to Central/South America…go hiking through jungles, explore Tikal, etc.Loving the photos. Thanks for sharing.


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