Interview: Jasika Nicole

Last week, I got to chat with Fringe‘s Jasika Nicole, (she’s the girl, not the cow) and the full transcript is up at She’s a very warm-hearted free spirit with a great sense of humor.

Adam Morgan
What’s the biggest difference between you and Astrid?

Jasika Nicole
Astrid is smart in exactly all the ways I am not. And I would imagine that I am smart in all the ways she isn’t; together we would make one completely awesome curly-headed person. She is my doppleganger who didn’t doodle in science class and made it through calculus with flying colors. But she’s got nothing on my Show Choir awards and AP English skills.
Jasika actually went to college in Salisbury, North Carolina–not too far from my old neck of the woods–and in addition to acting, also writes and draws her own web comic.

One thought on “Interview: Jasika Nicole

  1. Great interview. I would certainly tend to agree with Jasika about the possibility of her character being a double-agent. After all, we are talking about a show from the same creator as Alias.


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