The Hand of God?

NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory recently captured the most awe-inspiring image of space I’ve ever seen.

What you’re looking at is actually a magnetized nebula surrounding a star (PBR B 1509-58) that rotates seven times per second. The red aether behind it is an enormous gas cloud (RCW 89).

For a sense of scale, the entire scene spans 150 light years. Which is over 800 trillion miles. Which is equal to 315,141 of our solar systems lined up side-by-side.
Of course, the pictured nebula is also 17,000 light years away, meaning this is what it looked like 17,000 years ago.
In unrelated news, Rastro used the reliable “But-I’m-ADORable!” card to coerce me into playing ball with him today:


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