Interview: John Noble

Australian actor John Noble plays the iconic mad scientist Walter Bishop on Fringe, and last Friday he spoke with me for half an hour about his experience on the show, and gave Fringe fans some hints on what’s coming up. The full interview transcript is up at, but here’s my favorite part:

Adam Morgan: Okay…what’s your favorite dessert?

John Noble: My favorite what?

Adam Morgan: Your favorite dessert!

John Noble: Dessert! [Cackle] I thought you said “zurt”! I thought that was another Fringe term I wasn’t aware of. Well I’m trying to stay away from desserts at the moment, because being on a film set you have to be very careful, or you’ll start to explode from the waist. But what would be my favorite? I’d have to say New York cheesecake.

Adam Morgan: Aha, you should tell the writers so they can include it in an episode.

John Noble: I shouldn’t have said anything about it, because now I’m starting to salivate.
John’s a real gentelman who’s as funny and kind as he is talented.
Also, this week I’ll be interviewing Jasika Nicole, who plays Walter’s assistant Astrid, so let me know over here if you’ve got any questions for her!

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