Interview: Anna Torv

Australian actress Anna Torv, who plays Agent Olivia Dunham on Fringe, spoke with me and a handful of other online journalists yesterday afternoon in a FOX conference call, similar to the Mark Valley interview I participated in earlier this year. She’s a wonderfully genuine person, as all of the actors on this show seem to be.
This call was much more crowded, so I only got to ask Anna two questions:
Adam Morgan
Hey Anna! What’s been your favorite scene to shoot so far, and why?

Anna Torv
See…I never know what I can and can’t say about the show before it’s aired! You’d think it would be some kind of big, explosive scene, but we shot a scene recently in Walter and Peter’s hotel room. Olivia’s just discovered some things about her past, some things that Walter is connected to. I loved shooting that, because it was the first time I felt like Olivia inched her way into that dynamic between Peter and Walter, since she’s kind of on the outside…

Adam Morgan
Okay, and have you enjoyed working in New York? And what are your thoughts on the potential move to Canada?

Anna Torv
I’ve loved shooting in New York. And it’s the same way we felt after we had an amazing crew in Toronto, breaking their backs to shoot the pilot. I don’t know. It will be really sad to say goodbye to all of these guys that have put in all this effort on Fringe this season.
The full audio of the call is up at You can hear my lovely voice around the 13:30 mark.
In other Fringe news, I got to talk with series star John Noble this afternoon on the phone for about 20 minutes one-on-one, and I’ll post that transcript later today.

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