Lost Episode 5.10 "He’s Our You"

One category in which Lost has declined in quality over the years:

Episode titles.
We’ve had some real clunkers this season. “Because You Left,” “This Place Is Death,” and “He’s Our You,” for starters. Ironically, those were all great episodes.
This week’s Sayid-centric outing was a bit slow, but kudos to Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for at least keeping us on our toes during one of those eps that primarily exists to set up its very last scene. Which is often a dousy, like Sayid commiting infanticide.
Call me old-fashioned, but I can’t justify murdering Little Ben. It’s the first time Sayid’s ever crossed the line for this viewer. I still love the guy, but he’s got some redeeming to do. And if I’m correct, his intentions in shooting Little Ben will have an antithetical effect.
I think it’ll be what turned Little Ben into Ruthless Machiavellian Bug-Eyed Adult Ben.
“A 12-year-old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken salad sandwich.”

Say what you will about Sawyer, but I think Sayid always gets the best one-liners (above). Anyway, let’s think about the moral issue Sayid was faced with. If you could travel back to turn-of-the-century Austria and kill a 12-year-old Hitler, would you? Does the horror of his adulthood justify the murder of an as-yet innocent child?
Or how about this: your attempt to kill 12-year-old Hitler fails. He grows up harboring a deep misanthropy because of your betrayal, ironically turning him into the madman you’ve always known him to be.
That’s Daniel Faraday’s theory. The timeline of the universe only unspools once, just like the episodes of a television show. If you watched each scene of Lost in chronological order, Sayid always shoots Little Ben in 1977. It’s always been a part of Ben’s life. We’re just experiencing it now, through the eyes of Sayid. The timeline hasn’t been altered…according to Faraday (where is he?), that’s impossible. Unless you’re Desmond.
“I’m a professional.”

Will Sayid ever learn not to trust a beautiful woman? He can kill a man with his left pinky, but he can’t go on a date without getting shot or handcuffed. I like this Ilana girl. Surely she’s not who she says she is. I’m assuming Ben hired her to get Sayid onto Flight 316, since Sayid made it very clear he wouldn’t be coerced. And Ben knows about Sayid’s soft spot for a pretty face.
So here’s my big prediction. All of our 815 survivors (plus Juliet, Miles, and Faraday), have an integral part to play in the Island’s timeline. The history of the Island, leading up to the present, is absolutely dependent upon their traveling back through time. That’s why the Oceanic Six weren’t supposed to leave. They were supposed to get flashed back to 1977 when Ben threw the Frozen Donkey Wheel off-axis, but they left the Island instead. Widmore tried to change the timeline by sending his freighter, which led to the Oceanic Six’s escape.
But the Island course-corrected, as always. Through John Locke. He got them back on a plane, and the Island got them back to 1977 to do their work. I think we’ll see what their individual roles are before the end of the season.
Stray Thoughts
  • I really hated the Old Man Torture Subplot. Unnecessary. Not much suspense.
  • If Sawyer leaves Juliet for Kate, the perfect woman for the devil, I will curse the Fates.
  • Horace and Radzinsky are coming across as very one-dimensional, and I’m not sure if the actors or the writers are at fault.
  • I thought the Dharma Initiative was doing all kinds of crazy, secretive pseudoscience experiments. Why is everyone just loafing around?
  • One thing the writers are really testing my patience on: the nature of the Others/Hostiles. We’re more than halfway through the show’s penultimate season, and I still have no clue where these people came from or what they’re doing on the Island. What do they even call themselves?
  • By my watch, it’s about time for some Smokey. Or some Jacob.

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