Real-Life Spider-Man Saves Real-Life Boy

Yesterday in Bangkok, an autistic child began his first day at school. Frightened, he climbed out onto a third-floor window ledge.

Teachers and firemen tried to coax the boy back inside, but he was too scared to move. One fireman, Somchai Yoosabai, fled back to the fire station and pulled a Spider-Man costume out of his locker, which he occasionally uses to liven up school demonstrations.

Somchai rushed back to the school, stood in the window, and said “Spider-Man is here to rescue you.”

The boy stopped crying, smiled, and threw himself into Somchai’s arms.

Pretty cool.


4 thoughts on “Real-Life Spider-Man Saves Real-Life Boy

  1. That is a great story with a fantastic ending.I want to be saved by a Spiderman, or a Superman, or even Wonderwoman someday~Well done to the fireman and hopefully the little boy stays away from tall places in the future! Rebecca


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