Lost Episode 5.09 "Namaste"

I’m back after a week off in North Carolina, where I got to watch “Namaste” with my folks, who are also devoted Lost fans. Lost is always more enjoyable with a crowd.
Yes, it was a transition episode, but it was well-paced and entertaining. My running count of consecutive good eps now stands at 5. And for the first time, at mid-season, I have no clue where this season’s arc is headed. The writers have put our known characters into position in 1977 and 2007, but we’ve got no clues as to where they’re headed, or who they’ll come into conflict with.
The Island has its pawns back. Now what will it do with them? What destiny do Jack, Locke, Sayid, Ben and company have to fulfill?
“Welcome to the Island.”

So the Oceanic 6, along with Juliet and Sawyer, were documented, photographed members of the Dharma Initiative. Does that mean Ben knew all of them before the crash of 815? Surely he remembers his cell-talk with Sayid. Not to mention that group photo hanging in the barracks’ processing center all these years.
And Jack’s a Dharma janitor. If I remember correctly, so was Ben’s dad, Roger Linus. Will the Doc and BenDaddy be scrubbing toilets together soon? Will Jack’s presence affect Roger’s relationship with his son in any way? I’m assuming/hoping that the Oceanic Six’s presence in the 70’s is going to have a major impact on the Dharma Initiative, as well as Ben’s childhood.
“You have a bit of a journey ahead of you.”

The most intriguing scene of the night. We still don’t understand Christian Shepard’s role in this story. Is he a vision created by the Island? Was he bodily resurrected from his coffin after the 815 crash, a la Locke after the 316 crash? Does he really speak for Jacob?
My latest theory: Jacob is Jack’s great-grandfather. Christian is thus Jacob’s grandson. At the end of the series, Jack will be the leader/protector/savior of the Island.
What a creepy scene. The Island is certainly haunted in 2007; by the Monster, the Whispers, and a family of Pseudo-Ghosts in Christian and Claire. I’m optimistic that Frank and Sun’s presence on the mainland means we’ll be getting some info on Jacob and the Ghosts. Or an update on Richard and the Uber-Others. What is Locke going to do when Ben wakes up? What is Ben going to do on the mainland?
Stray Thoughts
  • I knew that runway would come in handy. Did Ben know back in Season 3 that he’d eventually need a more conventional way to get back to the Island?
  • Does anyone really care about the Sun/Jin subplot? Sun has been a real bore the past couple seasons.
  • Juliet is amazing. If Kate messes up her romance with Sawyer, I’ll be livid. Honestly, Sawyer. It’s no contest. Juliet wins every conceivable category.
  • The Radzinsky reveal was a bit underwhelming. The Swan model was cool though.
  • How’s Sayid going to ninja his way out of that jail cell?
  • Was that the Smoke Monster lurking by the dock? It didn’t sound like Smokey.
  • Where’s Dan???
And the biggest question of all: where’s the story headed this season? Sun and Frank are with Ghost-Christian. Ben and Locke are with the 316 newcomers. The Oceanic Six plus Juliet, Sawyer, and Miles are in the 70’s.
What now?


3 thoughts on “Lost Episode 5.09 "Namaste"

  1. Hmmmm, I’m wondering if I should admit I’ve never once watched a single episode of Lost. Naw, I don’t think I’ll mention it. I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Rebecca


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