Upcoming Fringe Interview

Writing for FringeTelevision.com has already landed me interviews with actors Mark Valley and Jared Harris, but this week I’ll get to chat with some of the writers and producers about Fringe‘s return in April. Specifically, JR Orci and Jeff Pinkner (2nd from left above).

As a writer who loves character-driven, serialized television with genre bend, I’m pretty pumped. Got any questions for them? Head to FringeTelevision.com and let me know before midnight Tuesday.

JR Orci is a writer and supervising producer on Fringe. He’s also filled those same shoes on Alias, Vanished, and Journeyman (one of the best shows ever to be cancelled after one season). He’s also Robert Orci’s brother (writer/producer of Mission Impossible III, Transformers, and this May’s Star Trek).

Jeff Pinkner is the showrunner on Fringe, as well as a writer and executive producer. He previously worked on Alias, Ally McBeal, Early Edition, and Lost.
That’s right, Lost! He wrote some of my favorite episodes in Season 3, including “Not In Portland” and “The Man From Tallahassee”.
Pinkner and Orci:


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