The Other March Madness

If you’re a writer or a bibliophile like me, check out The Morning NewsTournament of Books for a different kind of bracket. Contenders include Bolano’s 2666 and Hemon’s Lazarus Project (boo, hiss, yawn).

Speaking of Bolano, two new unpublished novel manuscripts were recently “found” among the late author’s papers.
By whom? Pinkertons?

One thought on “The Other March Madness

  1. I agree with the writer who compared the books. How does one seperate and compare books that are miles apart, or make that planets apart. Thats a job I’d struggle with. I have always wondered about manuscripts that are discovered years after an author dies. He died in what 2003 and they just discovered these last October? Now, I understand a writer having a lot of unfinished and discarded work. I have piles of it, however, I feel pretty confident after I pass my family won’t need the help of the Pinkerton agents to find all my papers. Except maybe the one’s I buried out in the garden ( I might do that for fun now) Thank you for the comment over at my writing hut. I love the insight of other writers and admit, I’m always curious about their process. Have a great weekend, Rebecca


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