Why You Should Go See "Watchmen"

1. Because it took two decades to make.
The rights to adapt the graphic novel were purchased way back in 1986. Sam Hamm (Batman) was the first screenwriter to tackle it in 1988, followed by Charles McKeown (Brazil) in 1991, David Hayter (X-Men) in 2001, and finally newcomer Alex Tse in 2006.

How about directors? First it was Terry Gilliam (Twelve Monkeys), then Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain), then Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy), and finally Zach Snyder (300).

2. Because the trailers are wicked.

3. Because it takes place in an alternate 1985.
Imagine how the course of history would have been altered if a God-like man enabled the United States to surge forward in power and technology back in 1959. Think airships, wars, and Nixon.

4. Because the characters are sick.
5. Because I said so.
I’ll have a review up this weekend.


One thought on “Why You Should Go See "Watchmen"

  1. I soooo want to see this. Buuut, to try and be a good role model for my kids and because of the rapid downward spiral of violence/sex/nudity, I set myself a new goal of not watching any (non-edited) rated R movies (by non-edited, I’ll go for TV edits or airplane edits…so if you know of a flight showing it, let me know).I’m bummed because it seems like just after I set that goal, a pile of enticing rated R flicks put their trailers out.I’m 99% sure this is going to be an amazing film and I’m bummed that I’ll likely have to wait at least a year to see a TV edit of it.Looking forward to your review.


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