Regarding the Oscars

They’re too long.

Even for a cinephile like me, four hours is just too much. Not even Hugh Jackman can hold my attention all night. Seeing all of those film stars in one room is amazing, but only for a while.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix: get rid of the technical awards.

No offense to the hardworking professionals out there who deserve the recognition just as much as actors, writers, and directors, but that’s not what people tune in to see.

So here’s my solution. Move the following categories to the untelevised technical awards ceremony:

Film Editing
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Costume Design
Visual Effects

That should knock off at least an hour. Go ahead, disagree with me vehemently.


3 thoughts on “Regarding the Oscars

  1. Haha yes, the lack of beard might have had something to do with it.And yes, I will disagree with you Lauren. All of that pre-show stuff on the carpet about people’s dresses bores me to death!


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