Lost Episode 5.04 "The Little Prince"

This is a bit late (the ep aired nearly three weeks ago now), so I’ve abbreviated the review.

Meh. In every season of Lost, there are three or four episodes like “The Little Prince.” Namely, where nothing really happens until Act V. The first 45 minutes followed our beloved characters around, and listened to them talk about what’s going on.

As a writer, that’s a big no-no.
A caveat: if the events of Lost actually happened to a group of people, they would spend a considerable amount of time talking it out with one another. But it doesn’t make for compelling television. Watching Locke, Sawyer, Daniel, and Jack recap their feelings, motivations, and beliefs isn’t much fun. As fans, we already knew everything they said in “The Little Prince.” Are the writers being pressured by ABC to grab new viewers and get them caught up? Because this is Lost, and we probably aren’t getting any new viewers unless they watch seasons one through four on DVD.
Don’t get me wrong, there were some great moments. Sayid’s super-ninja moves in the hospital. Locke and Co.’s brief, foreboding trip to the Island’s future (with the Ajira Airlines water bottle). Jin’s return and our first look at Rousseau’s team. Unfortunately, those moments add up to about five minutes of screen-time. The rest? Filler.
Luckily, episode five, “This Place Is Death,” more than made up for this one.

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