Coming Up

Update: I moved to a new apartment this weekend, and won’t have internet all week. I might post a few things from school, but Mount Helicon may be reduced to a trickle for a few days.

I haven’t had time to do much posting this week, but here’s what’s coming up this weekend on Mount Helicon:

  • TV Review – Lost Episode 5.04 “The Little Prince”
  • Movie Review – Coraline
  • Interview – Thanks to FringeTelevision, I got to do a one-on-one phone interview with actor Jared Harris for about thirty minutes yesterday. I’ll have a full transcript up soon. He’s the nicest guy in Britain.
Meanwhile in Chicago, temperatures have soared into the 40’s, with the promise of 50 tomorrow. Given how sunny it is, we might just see the bare earth again if the snow melts enough. I picked a good weekend to move.
I also need a better default picture of myself, preferably not looking so smug.

3 thoughts on “Coming Up

  1. Looking forward to your take on Coraline. I think it looks like great fun and I hope to see it in the theaters…potentially with my kids depending on the buzz I hear (my 7 year old got a little scared at Spiderwick last summer)


  2. Haha, unfortunately I’m currently without internet at my new apartment, so I’m not sure when it’ll be up. I will say Coraline was good. Not a masterpiece like everyone says, but quite good.


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