In Which I Interview Fringe’s Mark Valley

Last Friday I was blessed with the opportunity of interviewing Mark Valley, the actor who plays John Scott on Fringe (he’s the guy on the left above), via a FOX conference call, thanks to my new involvement with

I got to ask Mark several questions about his character and his experience on the show, and the audio from the interview is available over at
I’m the second person to ask questions, and then I come back towards the end and ask a few more. I sound wonderfully high-pitched and nasally thanks to sinus congestion.
Here’s a transcript of my questions, if you don’t feel like listening to them:
A. Morgan: Do you think “John Scott” is really a traitor, or that he’s more of a misunderstood hero on the show?

M. Valley: Good question. I’ve said this before, and I think he’s just a real believer. I think he’s really serious about what he does, and whoever it is that he is working for, he’s extremely loyal to them. Aside from that, I don’t really want to judge it, to be honest with you.

A. Morgan: Okay, and then will we ever see “John” in the flesh again instead of just in “Olivia’s” mind, or I don’t know?

M. Valley: I can’t really say. I think you’ll probably see both, but I can’t really confirm, nor what condition he’s going to be in in either of those situations.

A. Morgan: I was just wondering what your experience has been like with, we’ve already talked about the actors, but what about the writers and producers on the show?

M. Valley: They’re a great bunch, really. My experience with them has been, I really haven’t had a lot of contact with them, to be honest with you, but in terms of where the show is going, I can really appreciate that they’re working as hard as they can to make a good television show. I’m really impressed with the facility they have of being able to adapt to conditions, such as what’s working on the show’s storyline and what’s not working, what they need to bring in, and what they need to show more of. It’s amazing that they can keep an overall show going and still be able to adapt on the fly like that.

To me, that means they all know each other, they all work well together, they all trust each other, they all respect each other. That’s what it shows me, and it’s a pleasure to work with that.

A. Morgan: Okay, and we know that “John Scott’s” current arc on the show is about to be resolved, but is there room for him to come back next season or later on the show?

M. Valley: I think there’s room for even you to be shot with a tranquilizer gun and dragged onto the set of Fringe for a couple of seasons. [Laughs] I think it could happen to anybody, so I’m not going to rule it out.


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