Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

Last summer I did some research for an idea I had called The Panama Project, and came across some incredible videos of animal behavior. Prepare to gasp.

Octopus Camouflage
Octopi creep me out. Not just because of their nearly-autonomous tendrils, but because of how smart they are. They’ve demonstrated the capacity for observational learning, including recognizing shapes and patterns and repeating human behavior to solve problems. Michael Crichton (God rest his soul) once jokingly claimed that had humanity not risen to the top of the food chain, octopi would have become the dominant lifeform on earth.
Polar Bears Play With Dogs

Elephant Picasso
Kind of a long video, so you might want to skip through the slower parts.
Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Water Buffalo
This is another long video, so you may want to do some fast forwarding, but it’s the most incredible display of nature I’ve ever seen.

Lion Reunion
Unfortunately, the best version I could find is a clip from The View, so try to ignore the cheesy music. However, this literally made me cry the first time I saw it on National Geographic.

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