The Kindle Uncovers Lazy Writing

Oh, Ken Follett. Your historical fiction has sold over 100 million copies. Somehow.

I tried to read The Pillars of the Earth once, and promptly fell asleep. The architectural evolution of Gothic from Romanesque, amazingly,  just doesn’t hold my attention as a narrative. The book felt tedious and unedited.
Amazon’s Kindle reader reveals it may not have been edited at all, thanks to a particularly alert blogger named Mark Hurst.
He began to notice a repeated phrase in Pillars, “his heart was in his mouth,” so he typed it into the Kindle’s search function.
Mr. Follett uses the (trite) metaphor seventeen times. In one novel.
Lesson for writers: don’t be lazy, or the Kindle will deftly expose you.
P.S. I haven’t forgotten about Lost, I just haven’t had the time to rewatch the premiere. This weekend, for sure.

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