The Plight of the Genre Show on Network Television

This is old news, but ABC recently killed Pushing Daisies (mid-season, at that), one of the very best shows on television. Not just according to me, but according to critics and virtually every television awards show.
The question. Why cancel Daisies while continuing to fund widely-renowned garbage like Private Practice? (I won’t harp on the infantile Grey’s because it has a vast legion of apologists who will cut my throat).
Probably for the same reason NBC cancelled the promising Journeyman in favor of drivel like Knight Rider. Or why FOX tossed Firefly.
Network big-wigs are afraid a genre show won’t sell. So here’s my rebuttal:
2008 Gross Revenue for Genre Films
The Dark Knight: $997,049,935
Indiana Jones: $786,558,759
Iron Man: $581,931,630
WALL-E: $522,747,141
Wanted: $371,000,000
That’s a lot of greenbacks.
At least we’ll always have The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, Lost, and possibly Fringe. But there was a soft spot in my heart for Ned and Chuck’s love story on Daisies, along with brilliant character actors Chi McBride and Kristen Chenoweth.
On a side-note, Chi (pronounced “Kigh”) McBride is one of the best names ever.

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