3D Glasses? For the Superbowl?

I haven’t worn paper 3D glasses since…well, I’m not sure that I ever have. The plastic ones, yes, for a few IMAX features and a re-release of Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, but never the paper ones. Luckily, I’ll have my chance come February 1st, when NBC broadcasts several Superbowl commercials in 3D.
“But where do we get our glasses?” you might ask. Why, your local grocery, drug, or “other retail venue” at Pepsi and SoBe Lifewater displays, which will be stocked with free glasses manufactured by Intel. This sounds like a terrible idea. But I will probably grab some anyway.
The following night, NBC’s Chuck will also air in 3D.
What’s the point? Probably to spread interest for NBC Universal’s upcoming 3D movies, like Monsters vs. Aliens. Other 2009 3D titles include Coraline, Avatar, Shrek Goes Forth, and How to Trian Your Dragon.
So stock up on ibuprofen.

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